Best Volume To Begin The Ignatius Study Bible?

I would like to begin using The Ignatius Study Bible during Lent this year to deepen my understanding of Scripture. With which volume would you suggest starting and why? The Gospels? Paul’s letters? Somewhere else?


I would start with the Gospel of Mark.

I am going through that now. It is the shortest of the Gospels and it is the perfect time to start it before Lent. The Ignatius Study guide has some good insight.

I would second that recommendation if you are starting this for Lent. Most of the readings for Lent will be taken from Mark this year, so the ISB would be a great companion to follow the readings.

Don’t forget about the questions for study and meditation in the back of the book! :slight_smile:

Here is access to many of them

They are only in the New Testament section.

The above suggestions are very good and reasonable. If you’d like to consider another option, you could get the Gospel of Matthew edition and use it in conjunction with the following online Scripture Study opportunity:


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