Best way to read The Bible

I’ve read the Bible before. Not in its entirety, but I have read fair amounts of it. I’ve read some of the old testament, and probably almost the entire new testament. I want to start reading the Bible again, but where should I start? How can I get the most out of it? Should I start with the new testament rather than the old or vice versa?

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The Bible timeline, the great adventure by Jeff Cavins is a great bible study!!

I think a great way to read the Bible is using the Bible Timeline/Great adventure method taught by Jeff Cavins. You don’t read it cover to cover (you’ll usually end up dead bored by the time you get to the middle of Leviticus). Rather, there are selected books that read like stories, and it keeps you engaged. Once you’ve gotten the story down, you can then read up on the other books within the context of the timeline.

Give it a shot:

I second this excellent suggestion. :thumbsup:

The Bible Timeline divides salvation history into 14 historical periods. Once you understand the history, your understanding grows in giant leaps and bounds.

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Would you suggest the DVD pack for the Bible Timeline? Is it worth its $400 price tag?

$400 is steep for starters. If you prefer, you might want to start off with the Quick Journey at $120. If plain paper is fine with you just to help you read and understand the books and the timeline, you could probably get the Leader’s Pack for about $25.

To get the best value out of the $400 price tag, I believe it should really be used in a group or parish setting, where people can pool resources and collect freewill offerings to help offset the cost.

I did one of those 1 yr Bibles and got through it. You read an Old testament reading, Psalm, and new testament reading every day. Yes, it was tough getting through Leviticus and parts of Kings but once you do get through those it becomes more enjoyable.

Hmmm I think I might go with this! I found a slightly cheaper supply of them on amazon :slight_smile:

There you go. Be sure though to view the videos on the official site to ensure it’s what you want or need.

I agree- it’s hard to beat a Bible-based understanding of Salvation History.

I would suggest spending some money on getting a Study Bible, which will be of immense help to you. Little Rock Cath Bible is great - but it’s in the textual/hist critical method. I love the NT Ignatius Study Bible is good - it’s Scott Hahn based. Navarre is good but super expensive - it focuses on Tradition and Church Documents in terms of explanations.

I was sent a link to a 90-Day Bible Reading Challenge by Ascension Press. Ascension Press produces the Bible Timeline, and the Challenge is based on the same system.

Even though, the Challenge is on Day 86, older posts are archived.

90-Day Bible Reading Challenge

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