Best way to schedule a Confession?

I’ve never done this and I feel the need to go. So is email ok, or should I call? How does scheduling usually work?


Good question, I always personally avoid scheduling because I always feel odd about asking and just do my best to go to a parish that has scheduled weekly confessions so I would sort of like to know too.

There have been a couple of times where I had to schedule a confession. The simplest way is just to call or visit the rectory, and tell the pastor that you’d like to schedule a confession. The two of you can work something out with your respective schedules.

Generally, parishes have ordinary confession times, such as 30 minutes before weekend Masses. If not, you could approach the priest before Mass and ask him to hear your confession. I’ve had to do that on occasion when a visiting priest seems to steer clear of the confessional before Sunday Mass.

Don’t worry about “bothering” a priest: you’re giving him an opportunity to exercise one of the most important aspects of his priestly ministry, and one which is sorely needed in our time!

You can simply to go to Confession at scheduled times or you can phone the church office and ask them to make a face to face appointment for you with a priest (either a particular priest of your choice or any priest available). Tell them when you are available (be as flexible as possible).

Every parish does it differently. Just call the parish office and ask the secretary. Either she will make an appointment for you, or she will let you work it out with the priest. I know some priests prefer to keep their own calendars and make their own appointments.


Hi Coolduude,
I have emailed my parish pastor and set up an appointment for confession that way. I had been away from the church for a while and wanted to meet in person and spend a little extra time with him. The whole thing took about 45 minutes. It was fantastic.

In my opinion email is totally appropriate especially if the priest’s email address is on the parish website. That’s why it’s listed on the website, so you can contact him. Just remember, priests are busy men and you should be willing to work around their schedule. Just do it. It doesn’t matter if you email, telephone, visit the rectory or go at the scheduled time before weekend mass. Just do it. You can email them right NOW!

Good luck, the sacrament of reconciliation is the most awesome experience in the world!

Just call the parish and tell them you want to make an appointment with the priest. Some priests will handle scheduling the appointment themselves, while others will have a secretary do it. Don’t be surprised if you have to wait awhile for the appointment, though. I usually call a week ahead to make an appointment with my confessor. If it’s urgent, I will just go to the nearest parish during regular confession times.

call the priest and ask for an appointment as you would for any other business appointment. If you have his email of course you can use that. If you have to speak to parish staff to get through tell them you must speak to the priest about a pastoral matter.

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