Best way to see Lourdes


I posted a few weeks ago about going to either Lourdes or Fatima. I think I’m leaning towards Lourdes. So now, I’m starting to look for the most cost-effective way to do it, and ANY advice anyone has.

This trip is going to be combined with a trip to Scotland, so my options are to go there either before or after that part of the trip, and to go either on my own or with a tour group. Which ones are going to be most cost effective? Any tour groups anyone would recommend?

Thanks for any advice or tips.


You don’t need a tour for Lourdes if you do your homework ahead of time.

You will need to fly into Toulousse France.

I forgot what time of year you were going. It gets very cold there.

Make sure you see Bernadettes home. And if you can (I couldn’t) make arrangements to get to nearby Nevers France and see the incorrupt body of Bernadette.


Hi ktp,

You can fly from Glasgow to Pau (a city that’s just 20 miles away from Lourdes) on Ryanair for just 40 pounds each way (if you go on the right day). (You have to connect in London to do this.) This is probably the cheapest way to get to Lourdes.


Thank you. I have saved the Ryanair tip to my notes. I am deciding between traveling in early- mid June, when the weather conditions are perfect for the research I’m doing, or in September, when there’s a battle re-enactment I want to see (also part of the research.)

Any more advice, tips, or experiences would be very welcome!


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