Best websites to kill time when you're bored besides this one? hehe any favorite game, Catholic, interactive websites?

besides catholic forums, facebook, and e-mail ?:slight_smile:

So bored right now…

Do as I say, not necessarily as i do.

How about reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church, reading the Holy Bible and memorizing some of the verses.

I enjoy listening to recorded talks by, to name a few, Scott Hahn, Steve Ray, Tim Staples, Bishop Fulton Sheen, Marcus Grodi’s Journey Home program (you can download these for free from EWTN), Catholic Lighthouse has many good recorded messages also.

Just a few of my time killers, errr time enhancers! has over 600 website reviews, rated for, among other things, fidelity to the Church. I sometimes go to ‘unfaithful’ sights just to rubberneck. Click on ‘Resources’, then ‘Site Reviews’.


Say a rosary

Please help me with my homework then. I could send it to you to proofread–check typo, grammar…:smiley:

You get BORED with this website?!? :eek: You’ve only just joined and only have a few posts. You could not POSSIBLY be bored here yet. Nope. Not possible.

What I like to do for fun is go to Yahoo Answers and answer questions (when I have time, usually in the summer, at night). I have not been there for a while, but it can be amusing!

I’ve wasted so much time on the TV Tropes Wiki and Wikipedia doing wiki walks. It’s a good way to suck up three hours.

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