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Firstly I would like to ask for all your prayers because yesterday I went to the the house of the woman I am seeing with my parents, family, and friends and gave my word (via, the parents of course). In my culture, we called it “Tenetha”, in arabic we call it “Kilma” (word), and others call it “Tulba”. Anyhow, I tried to figure out how to explain this to americans and I always did so like the following: the Tenetha is a formal recogniztion that this man and woman are interested in each other and now can go out in public without harm done to his/her name and so that no scandal will be given to the society because it is not behind the parents back. I always wanted to sum it up and apparently it can be done very easily:

The giving of one’s troth — that is, one’s true faith or promise. Betrothal, in the Catholic Church, is a deliberate and free, mutual, true promise, externally expressed, of future marriage between determinate and fit persons.

just curious, how many of you people do this type of “pre-engagment” ceremony?

Gospel of Luke 1:
26in the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a town of Galilee called Nazareth,27to a virgin betrothed to a man named Joseph, of the house of David, and the virgin’s name was Mary.
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Mar Yousif, pray for us!

How wonderful, and congratulations to you both!

My husband and I considered the option of doing the Betrothal ceremony separately from our (Byzantine Catholic) wedding.

However, it wasn’t a requirement, and because it would would have been a hardship for some of our family members to travel to both ceremonies, we decided to combine the two ceremonies, and had the Betrothal rite immediately before the wedding.

congratulations I think your traditions are beautiful and have much to offer our confused Western culture. Both our sons-in-law formally asked DH for his daughter’s hand in marriage, as my husband had done 40 yrs ago for me. Some kind of formal recognition or acknowledgement of family approval is a very good start to an engagement and married life, and saves a lot of grief afterward. The priest who did our pre-marriage instruction blessed our rings, and gave us a blessing, and talked about the meaning of betrothal and engagement, his words still ring true today.

Chaldean Rite,

Congrats :thumbsup:

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If I only didnt have the flu that day :slight_smile:


here is a passage my future wife and I are constantly reading and are planning to incorporate it in our wedding ceremony

Tobit 8:4-8

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Wonderful passage btw.

Great news Chaldean Rite!!! Congratulations and God bless!

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