Betrothed at Sixteen


How’s that for an early start to life!

The French mystic, Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart first showed interest in the religious life at age five, but at sixteen, her family arranged for her betrothal. After converting her husband yet suffering through their marriage, a mere four years later, she was widowed.

In response to God’s call, she soon took on a new spouse: Christ. A sister at the Monastery of the Visitation at Bourg, Sister Marie talked about what she called her “vocation within a vocation”.

Read this mystic’s story here!


At age 5 and knowing she wanted a religious life is not normal, a special calling for sure , but I do think marriage at the age of 16 was normal in the early 1800’s. So she saved her husband before he died too, God works in his own ways. Its like he said she was meant for me.:slight_smile:


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