Betsy Devos appears to have plagiarized quotes for Senate questionnaire


Betsy DeVos, President Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Education, appears to have lifted quotes in at least two instances in written answers submitted to the Senate committee tasked with approving her nomination.

After DeVos’ confirmation hearing was limited to one round of questions by Sen. Lamar Alexander, chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Democrats submitted hundreds of questions to the nominee. In response to a question from Sen. Patty Murray, the top Democrat on the committee, on bullying of LGBT students, DeVos almost directly – and uncited – quoted Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta, head of Obama’s Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department.


How shocking. She ought to be immediately executed.




Those are, as someone I know put it–not me-- boilerplate lines, simply the way people in those fields talks. There are only so many different ways to put the exact same idea.

No juicey examples from the other sources? In that case, I feel bad she withdrew.


Ohfercryinoutloud! It’s a questionaire, not a doctoral dissertation!


Lol okay

She’s just not qualified for this job.


They mentioned that in passing at the end of the article but I can’t find anything else about her withdrawing. Is CNN jumping the gun again or is that true?


I think he’s confusing her with someone from last week who also was caught up in a plagiarism controversy. DeVos has been confirmed.

Why do people plagiarize? It always seems to catch up with you in the end.


I searched and nothing popped up. My sister is a teacher and very invested in this nomination, so I’ll keep an eye out.


She got out of committee, but has not yet been confirmed.


Can someone please elucidate why she’s unqualified? The main reason I’ve heard is that she threw her weight behind a charter system that didn’t perform.


Thanks, I realized now I misread the article. They transitioned into speaking about Monica Crowley and I missed it.


One of my Facebook friends is against Betty Devos because she’s a teacher (para I think) and betty has no teaching experience, etc.

Maybe it’s because she wants to fix the corruption.


Most teachers feel (with some justification) that people at the higher end of implementing education policy should have a PhD in education as a minimum credential.


Devos has no teaching experience?


She doesn’t need a Ph.D to manage a Department. She also doesn’t need teaching experience.

She was probably chosen because she is a good manager. Of course, the teachers unions would want one of their own at head of the Department. But that only serves the best interests of teachers, not students.



I really can’t speak one way or the other on that. She is my least favorite (or most disliked) of Pres. Trump’s cabinet nominations.


She has the best experience ($$$$$). Would be nice if someone did something about that. It’s corruption that both parties employee, it’s wrong and it’s only called out when it’s not their own party.


Sounds great. Thanks for posting.

It sounds like she has a workable vision, and has experience implementing it.

Don’t pay attention to the folks who have gotten comfortable in the status quo. They just don’t want to lose their funding.

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