Better or Worse?

I recently listened to a radio show on EWTN and it said that for better or worse included infidelity or abuse. I can not believe in my heart of hearts that the Lord would want any of his children to suffer abuse. I was happily (on my part) married for 15 years when my husband had a psychotic break and began an affair with his manager. He became very violent and took it out on myself and our oldest daughter who was 14 then. To say it was a nightmare is an understatement. I sought out the help of our local priest. He counseled me and my husband, but he concluded that there was no hope. My husband was not willing to stop the affair which has lasted 7 years now and continued to be violent. After his violence escalated to the point that he tried to kill me, then himself,. I filed for divorce and took both children with no child support or place to stay. I made it on my own. That was 2008. I would like to date again and am considering applying for an annulment. Am I wrong? Was I wrong to leave? He is still violent and I don’t want to be tied to this man forever. Please help!

Dear friend,

I can’t speak for what you heard on EWTN, because I didn’t hear it myself. But I do know that you were definitely not expected to remain with your husband under such circumstances. You had your safety and the safety of your family to think of. I encourage you to work on getting an annulment. But no dating unless and until an annulment is granted! Until such time, the Church still considers you to be married. You are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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