Better than EXPELLED

ruben << check it out and support it when it comes out to the public you can check their website at >>

Thanks, but I don’t think Ben Stein knows science. There was already a thread just above this one. Maybe should be merged.

Much better to recommend Flock of Dodos, or Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial, or the 2001 PBS Evolution series 8-hour documentary. The science content in these programs is much more accurate and produced by real leading scientists.

I don’t have a problem with cosmological I.D. (commonly called the Anthropic Principle which is a concept in physics/astronomy) but biological I.D. contains mostly wrong “creationist” (pseudo)science.

Phil P

Phil, I’m glad you make this distinction. The sad thing about this silly documentary is that the film makers focussed on a few “martyrs” who didn’t get tenure. But non-academics don’t realize that failure to get tenure is not at all uncommon in acadame, and it usually has to do with failure to produce peer-reviewed scholarship. The “martyrs” in this film lost their positions not because of their views on evolution, but because they didn’t produce scholarly work.


Sorry – I misspelled “academe.”

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