Between Brock Turner and Brett Kavanaugh, when do girls matter?


“There is no sober, cautious examination of the facts, here, from his supporters. All of these arguments rush to the conclusion that he did do exactly what Christine Blasey Ford accuses him of doing. And they are okay with that. They’re willing to wave away the violent attempted rape of a 15-year-old girls as inconsequential. Why?”


I haven’t been following this closely.
Has the accusation gone beyond a letter?
Like has she gone to police of FBI?


Diane Feinstein gave Ford’s letter to the FBI. Ford also sat for a polygraph test, which she passed. This article is more about American rape culture itself than any particular case, though.


I’m waiting to make a judgement until we know all the facts.
The timing of this accusation is hella fishy.


Um…not really.


She had decades to come forward and decides on it now

But the point being, we have a rule of law in our country of innocent until proven guilty.


It’s actually pretty common in the Me Too era, if you pay any attention to news or social media. Sometimes it takes decades to come to terms with this sort of trauma. There are probably some victims who were just going to let it go and live their lives, but decided to try and prevent their abusers from getting elected to public office out of principle.


Anyway, the main gist of this article is that a lot of Kavanaugh’s supporters are claiming that even if he did assault Ford, it’s not that big a deal.

Which is absolutely heinous.


The only thing heinous now is how her teen trauma is being used for political gain.

Nobody should have to carry their teen misdemeanors with them for the rest of their life. There is no pattern of behavior that supports he is abusive.

Focus on his record as a judge, and how he has treated women the past 30 years.


How is it heinous to let people know what happened? If she’s telling the truth, do we really want an attempted rapist on the US Supreme Court?

You just proved Simcha’s point. You’re not even arguing from the “due process” position: you think that it’s no big deal if we award a position of power in the judicial branch of our government to a sexual predator.

We’re not talking about someone who pilfered a pack of gum or smoked pot. The “misdemeanor” in this case was attempted rape.

Are you privy to his private life?


Sure. Let’s also focus on Nassar’s record as a physician, Sandusky’s record as a coach, and Cosby’s record as an entertainer.

What does that mean? Does one attempted rape not count as long as you’re nice to most women?


It is equally wrong to operate under the assumption Kavanaugh did this. I see no proof. I see a witch hunt. I’m not saying you are saying this but one could construe such words in that manner.


I’m not, and I don’t think Simcha is either. I do think we should take the accusation seriously, though. A lot of his supporters, on the other hand, seem to think that even if it did happen it’s no biggie.


I don’t think we should take her seriously, she is tied to the abortion industry:

She’s a Democrat activist, And the whole 9 yards about why this is happening now, her story not panning out largely and so on.

One can derail anyone’s career by just making unfounded accusations.


WND is a far-right news source: I’d be very surprised if they didn’t come out on Kavanaugh’s side. Her being pro-choice and a Democrat does not mean she’s lying. Believe it or not, a lot of American women are pro-choice Democrats.

As I said before, Simcha’s article wasn’t even specifically about Kavanaugh’s guilt or innocence, but about American society’s horrible treatment of sexual assault victims, and how we prioritize party loyalty over justice.


I think Kavanaugh is the victim here. Where are the sympathetic articles for him? I’m sorry, I don’t belong in this thread, I don’t dismiss charges of rape but this charge does not appear credible to me. Let’s not forget, we really have not heard this lady, Christine Blasey Ford speak, we really have not even seen her yet.


NOBODY but Ford and Kavanaugh know if this actually happened and if it happened as she claims. It can be played up or down or all around but that is the truth. AND if there was drinking involved even those 2 may not know what happened.



It’s still innocent until proven guilty


That’s not what a lot of his supporters are saying.


It SHOULD be but of course in this day and age anything goes.

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