Between Deus and a worm


How does a Catholic know the difference between his own will and intelligence and that of God? It is said the great error of modern times is man presuming to know how to run things (e.g., Lenin).


There are entire spiritualities devoted to discerning this. The Jesuits in particular and their “Ignatian Spirituality” is focused on being able to discern God’s will in a particular situation.

In daily life, we tend to pray a lot and ask ourselves “What would Jesus do?” Or “What would Mary do?” or “What would (our favorite saint) do?”

Once in a while I have “laid a fleece before the Lord” by asking for some kind of sign or direction, although that’s more of a Protestant thing so not all Catholics would do that.

We also have to recognize we will always have situations where we think we are doing God’s will and then some road block or monkey wrench crops up and we’re left saying, “But God, I thought I was doing your will, so why are you putting this roadblock in my way?” In those cases, God may want us to learn some lesson and we have to think about what the lesson is.

Generally if you have a good strong relationship with God including lots of prayer, you’ll be able to communicate with Him and work through those times when you’re not sure what His will is.

I personally don’t stress a lot about “God’s will.” I just go forth and do something if it seems right, and if it’s not God’s will then God will show me that and probably do something to redirect me. Trusting in God is a big part of the picture.


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