Between the collections


My cousin has attended Mass at a Catholic church on two consecutive Sundays. There are always two collections. The Offertory gifts were brought up after the first collection.

Is this a new requirement if two collections are taken up?
Is it appropriate that the Offertory gifts are brought up between the collections?


At my parish, they begin the collection and halfway through they bring up the gifts. If there is a second collection, they do it during the time that is reserved for announcements.


It depends upon the diocese, I believe. Our old church in Georgia had a econd collection nearly every week for a variety of different Catholic causes. Our new church in MS has a second collection VERY RARELY.


my parish does them simultaneously by circulating each basket in opposite directions


It makes no difference. If that’s how they do it in that place, that’s fine.


Prior to the offertory procession, we have 2 ushers holding 2 baskets marked First and Second at the front of the main aisle.
People come forward out of the pew with their envelopes for the proper baskets. Both baskets are placed at the base of the altar. A family of the parish then bring up the bread and wine.


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