Beverly La Haye

Does anyone know anything about these books? I noticed that my wife had borrowed some from another woman, and I wondered if they are in the same catagory of the Tim LaHaye books.

NO, they are wonderul Christian books about 4 friends who each have to overcome some major life challenges all with the support of eachother and their strong faith.

Though they are not catholic based they are really great, i own all 4 of the series, Seasons Under Heaven, Showers in Season, Times and Seasons, and Season of Blessing.

Oh, I love that series! I just finished reading them again.

OK, thanks for the replies. My wife is an avid reader, so I don’t want to trash something good. God bless.

Beverly LaHaye is Tim LaHaye’s wife. No matter how good the books are, I don’t think I’d be able to completely trust what she wrote. That’s just me, though.

Scout :tiphat:

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