Bevin orders Planned Parenthood clinic to stop performing abortions


LOUISVILLE, Ky. —Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has ordered a new Planned Parenthood clinic in Louisville to stop performing abortions, according to a copy of a letter obtained Friday by WLKY News.

Bevin’s office sent the letter to Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky on Thursday ordering them to stop performing abortions, and saying their application for a permit to performing the procedure was “deficient for multiple reasons.”


He just took office. He’s not wasting any time trying to clean up Kentucky.


This won’t go through. We need abortion. We need to keep the murder of unborn future women legal in order to keep born women whose lives are in DANGER happy.:slight_smile:




Great news!!! They did not have a permit, they did not have a proper relationship with a hospital and ambulance service in case of medical emergencies. Not only are they killing babies but they are endangering women. I hope this new governor Bevin eliminates abortion once and for all.


good for him!!!


But, Republicans don’t do anything to stop abortions.


What is it you expect them to do?


Joy to my heart! Thanks for this news! See everyone! There are hearts that are listening to the Word of God and the more we pray, the more there will be!

Thanks to Kentucky Governor Bevin, praying for your strength!


We are winning this war one clinic at a time!




I think it was sarcasm


Yes, it was, thanks for clearing that up. :grinning:


Excellent news. Everyone should remember this at election time - sometimes voting for pro-life candidates does make a difference. May God bless Governor Bevin as he fight for the sanctity of life.


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