Beware of harassment

Apparently there is someone who likes to stalk/harass traditional Catholics in the Diocese(its unclear if this person is doing it at their own behest or was urged on by someone). This individual just started going to Latin Mass recently. This person works for a mainstream blog and Twitter and complains about not getting a date. Its disgusting.

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What part is disgusting ?The complaining of not getting a date ?
Pray for this individual.


Yeah, I don’t understand what the harassment actually is. No one knows what you mean if you don’t provide a more concrete example.

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And I’m not sure that this forum is the most appropriate venue to discuss this individual. If you feel that his or her behaviour is of concern, then it is best to report it to the parish’s (or parishes’) pastor(s) so that they can counsel the individual.


I should have elaborated: this individual(in Arlington
Diocese) writes hit pieces on blog sites about traditional Catholics in general.

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This doesn’t seem like an issue for discussion on a worldwide forum. 95 to 99 percent of the people on here probably aren’t even in or near that Diocese. Even if they were, an accusation of somebody stalking or harassing on a site other than this forum is not the business of this forum.

If the person is breaking the law, please contact law enforcement.
If the person is trolling or harassing on social media, pleaes use the reporting and blocking mechanisms available.

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You know that this person is an employee of Twitter and of a blog? People can post to blogs and to Twitter without being employed by these media outlets.

If complaining about not getting a date is harrassment, a good number of CAF threads need to be removed.

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