Beware of Jesus People USA cult

I recently found myself the target of this cult.

They are basically a hate group. So, if this group contacts you simply mark them as spam and report their abuse to your ISP. The more ISP’s that block their hate the better.


I wouldn’t go so far to call them a “cult” – that’s kind of pejorative. They are a typical (perhaps aggressive) evangelistic Protestant evangelical group. I’ve learned a lot from their Cornerstone magazine (which btw had one of the first Protestant critiques of “Jack Chick comics” on Catholicism) and received brochures for their Cornerstone Festival (although I’ve never gone). Their exposure of the “satanic panic” controversy of the late 80s, early 90s was admirable (and won journalism awards, articles by Jon Trott and others).

I would not classify them as an “anti-Catholic” group either as Bob/Gretchen Passantino are associated with them. Karl Keating knows the Passantinos, they have moderated his debates in the past. Bob P is recently deceased but Answers In Action ministry continues. Great people in my opinion.

Phil P

Jesus People USA are part of the Shepherding-Discipleship Movement and that aspect is considered to be cultic by experts on cults.

Bob Gretchen Passantino themself labels the Shepherding-Discipleship Movement as cultic. I know this by personal discussion with Robert when he was alive.

I happen to know Glenn and Wendy Kaiser of Rez Band (formerly Resurrection Band) and some of the other people of JPUSA, and although we differ in our beliefs, Glenn and Wendy and the folks that I know are some of the most decent Christian people that I have ever met.

Essentially I think they are now worse than many other n-C faith communities, and in fact are a long sight better than many that I have encountered.

BTW, Their Christian rock band really ROCKS!

CM one can say the same thing for many people I know in LDS, JWs, SDA or any of the cults. How nice a person is, has nothing to do with if their theology of the Sheparding-Discipling Movement is in error.


Okay… show me how the shepherding-discipleship movement is in error, (aside from the standard errors of the post-reformation step children). :coffeeread:

I lived at Jesus People for over 20 years. They do not subscribe to the shepherd movement anymore. They denounced that in the 90’s.

As one post suggested, many people seem nice and decent that does not make them free from error.

The Jesus People have worked hard over the last 10-15 years to change their image of being cult like. Things have changed outwardly only. The same group of people still hold the reigns without allowing the body of believers to have a share in decision making. Many people live there because they have no other place to go, they are too old to move, they are afraid, it’s easier than making it on their own.

Some people live there because the feel a calling to serve others in an inner city setting.

They are not anti Catholic and never have been. They are just pro-community and basically believe that living together is a higher calling. has an abundance of info on this group by former members, cult experts and the Chicago media.

The damage this group’s leadership has caused in the lives of countless members is an abomination.

I personally wish to boycott the word “hate” for a moratorium of perhaps a few months to years until its meaning is established to the satisfaction of all parties. It’s such a stretched-out word these days.
As for whther JPUSA is a cult, I don’t know, but the word has several meanings, and it looks as if there are a couple of them in play in this thread.
SO, to clarify, did the OP mean JPUSA is:

  1. a garden plot,
  2. a microbial concentration in a medium,
  3. a system of devotion,
  4. a subculture,
  5. a focus of devotion within a larger system, as devotion to one of a pantheon of gods,
  6. a religious belief seen as unusual or rare,
  7. a religious belief that is heretical,
  8. extreme, obscure or complex and obsessive fandom,
  9. a utopian or idealistic communal society separated by choice from a larger culture, or
  10. a psychologically abusive, deceptive, recruitment-obsessed and generally financially or otherwise exploitative group with a structure that prevents adequate accountability at the top?

Well Jesus People has many of those characteristics.

I’m not sure what was meant by numbers 1 & 2, but 3, 4, 6, and 8, 9, 10 seem to apply.

I’m wondering Daniel, how did Jesus People target you and for what reason?

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