Beyonce's Ave Maria

While watching a bit of the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting on TV, I saw Beyonce sing Ave Maria. I was a bit weirded out by the lyrics. Her version is a love song between herself and a man and the Ave Maria part is supposed to symbolize the “spiritualness” of her love. If she wants to express herself this way that is one thing, but singing it during a Christmas special is, in my opinion, pretty disgusting. If you have heard the song or read the lyrics, please tell me what you think.

The fact that some washed-up, 90s pop star did a rendition of a beloved classic song already tells me it’s gonna smell worse than a bathroom after you know what. It’s pitiful producers and the media think we want to hear this garbage they invent. There’s a REASON the songs are classic. They don’t need to be re-worked or re-invented.

yeah and listen to how they butcher the National Anthem
but this is a hymn for goodness sake
thank goodness somebody is keeping a list and checking it twice

I think Beyonce really butchered that Ave Maria. She couldn’t even carry the notes. I don’t care too much for her. I didn’t pay attention to what she was singing until I heard “Ave Maria.”

What a ridiculous song!!! It makes absolutely no sense.

Maybe some liberal might find a way to use it in a Catholic school Christmas program or LifeTeen Mass, hahaha.

I much prefer Beyonce’s club hits, but I hope she keeps a religion she clearly doesn’t understand away from her music.

Here’s another song called “Ave Maria” and I have no idea what it’s about:

Judging from the music video, I doubt it has anything to do with the Mother of God.

That song was awful. I couldn’t make sense of it. That whole show was pretty bad. So sad to have all those “holiday” songs and not ONE about the reason for the season

I can’t open You Tube, so I wasn’t able to see the other song. Maybe that’s for the best. I don’t want to get too worked up!

Yes, the Rockerfeller Center show was pretty bad. I just tuned in every now and then to see if the tree was getting lit yet. The other night, on PBS, I saw a compilation of Andy Williams Christmas specials. Now that was good! They don’t make shows like that anymore. On my more local PBS station at the same time was Celtic Woman, with a mixture of Christmas music and Irish music. Those girls know how to sing and still remain ladies!

Harry Connick jr. sings & plays the BEST version of
Ave Maria I ever Heard.

So Beautiful & Holy!

I am trying to understand the point of the song? Why is Ave Maria mentioned? It is all about me, right? That is what it is… We can’t sing a song of praise, lets sing a song for me. Then the comment below on you tube. sigh…

I read somewhere that her new album is divided into two discs. One disc is sung by “Sasha Fierce”, her naughty, sexy alter-ego and the other disc is her sweet, innocent persona.

I suppose the songwriters and producers thought putting a line of “Ave Maria” would make for a good song to fit in her “innocent” person’s disc. Hahahaha.

I suppose it’s not really that offensive. Schubert’s Ave Maria was originally a pop song called Ellens dritter Gesang that was converted to a hymn. It used to be banned at Mass.

Now, if Beyonce used a sample from a Gregorian Chant, that would be different…

What I read was that she wanted to express how spiritual the love between herself and her man is. I don’t remember where I read it or I would find a quote and post it. Although it is doesn’t have blantly sexual lyrics it is similar, in my opinion, to saying in a song that making love to someone makes you want to say, “Oh, God!” Anyway, that’s how it hits me. I guess you could say that it is similar to Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” in the respect that it equals love with spirituality. I do think using the words Ave Maria to express that is not necessary and putting the song on a Christmas special was totally inappropriate. It’'s more than just saying, “It’s all about me.” It’s saying, “It’s all about me, my body, my heart, my feelings and I am going to use the name of the Blessed Mother to express that.”

:confused: WOW, controversy abounds from Beyonce’s “Ave Maria” here. I ache inside to hear all the criticism of her song, her dress and of her as a human being. Is this how we spread the message of our Faith? Does anybody really think they can “know” what her song is about? Can you be so sure of her intentions? She is not mocking the Mother of God, as some of you would like to believe with this over-analytical banter. Give her a break. Admit her talent & beauty is God-given and perhaps in her own way (not yours) she is drawing someone on this Earth closer to Mary, just by her lovely presence and talent, and the heavenly refrain: “Ave Maria”. Peace on Earth to all in 09!!

Sorry, but her “rendition” did nothing to bring someone closer to Mary and, judging from her lyrics, that wasn’t even her goal.

I actually like Beyonce, but her version of Ave Maria takes away from the true meaning of the song, and her “dress” was too revealing.

As to your “is this how spread the message of our Faith,” I say yes; you need to call people out when they do wrong. Am I supposed to condone her song when I really condemn it? That’s not fair to me or to anyone else.

I’ll still listen to “If I Were a Boy” but her “Ave Maria” has got to go (in my opinion).

Ave Maria means Hail Mary.

The term is used by Catholic so obviously, the song Ave Maria is likely a Catholic lyrics.

Now what does a protestant know anything about Hail Mary ??

Apparently, Beyonce had no idea what it means it’s a wonder she used it in her song. Stupid.

I, too, can make an incoherent pop song mixing in some cool sounding phrases out of context:

I wanna dance with somebody, Pater Noster.

Say my name, say my name, Theotokos.

I’m a Survivor, bugaboo ora pro nobis.

Baby, let’s party, San Juan Capistrano. Amen.

In nomine Patri, oh yeah. mmm yeah. oohh. mmm bop.




(Note to self: do not read JPUSC’s posts while trying to take a drink of water … this can be hazardous to your keyboard’s health :p)

I dunno. How many Protestants play basketball?

Not quite a year since she went away, Hosanna, yeah…

Alle - louie - lou-i - Oh, no - say we gotta go…

Gloria – G-L-O-R-I-A – Gloria!..

Deo! De-o! …daylight come, me wanna go home…

Uhhh…they’re protest-ants.

They don’t ‘hail Mary’ as much as Catholics don’t ‘sola scriptura’

Haven’t heard it, but… think of the Song of Songs and how explicit that is, and yet, how it’s part of the Bible because it’s symbolic of the love between God and a human soul, or Christ and the Church as His Bride. I often think that when the Holy Spirit approached Mary and triggered the conception of Christ, something happened to her physically that was every bit as agonizing and ecstatic as a bride and her groom consummating their marriage…

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