Beyond a Reasonable Doubt


A friend is looking for a book, possibly of the same title, related to an apologetics tape, ‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’ by a Father Dugan. I’ve been searching and coming up empty. Can anyone help? It is possible that some of the information is incorrect, as this friend is old and ill. He also mentioned Tim Staples, but I don’t know exactly where that fits in. Thanks.


Tim Staples, in an Apologetics tape entitled, “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” either referenced a book by Father Dugan, or quoted something he’d written. I’m looking for information on this book. Thanks!


If you go to

and type in:

Tim Staples Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

you will get 11,200 “hits”

Here is a link to the first hit:

The Catholic Company

regarding Tim Staples tape set “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”:

Peace in Christ…Salmon


Thanks! I got an e-mail from Tim Staples. Fr. Dugan is actually Fr. Duggan, which explains why I couldn’t find it. I located a copy for $6, including shipping! Boy, Art is sure gonna be tickled!


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