Beyond excited! ABp. Fulton J. Sheen relic!


I feel like it’s Christmas in April!

I just received my Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen relic in the mail today. For a small donation (I sent in $10), the Sheen foundation will send you a relic (one only) while supplies last. I don’t see it on their site, but the contact information is listed there.

The information came from their latest newsletter.


What kind of relic? Is it a first class one?


Well, a first class relic would be part of his remains, so no, it isn’t. :slight_smile: In fact, I don’t think I’d want one of those!

It’s a second class relic - it’s a piece of magenta cloth. It’s labeled ‘ex vestibus’ - perhaps from a cape?


Selling relics is simony.


Question from on 01-09-2006: **
I was reading, I think it was, Documents of the council of Trent. They said it was wrong to sell Relics, is that still so?

Yours in Christ, Markimoto Teriyaki

**Answer by Richard Geraghty on 01-11-2006: **
Dear Teriyaki,
It is still wrong to sell relics. Of course, it is proper enough that one make some kind an offering for them to defray the expenses of getting them there to a particular location.

Dr. Geraghty


It was for a donation of $1 (probably to cover the s/h costs). Your accusation of simony is highly unwarranted and downright uncharitable. My donation was more, as fit for a ‘donation’.


In most cases, no actual price is being placed on the relic. Often the money is a donation used to cover handling and shipping expenses and what’s left can be used further the cause of the religious order or whatever.

For instance, I donated $25 to the Passionists when I requested my relic of St. Gemma, thanking them for their time in the matter. Plus, the relic had to be mailed from Italy.


Don’t think Eucharisted is being uncharitable. I can’t speak entirely for him, but from what I’ve seen, he’s only speaking out of the best interest for all parties involved.


Yes, this is correct. I too… recently received a Third Class relic of my Patroness… St. Therese of Lisieux. The donation was a mere $3.00… to handle the shipping.

“Eucharisted” has a valid point… that relics are not to be sold. I think everyone here knows that, and agrees. But to make a small donation, to defray the cost of shipping isn’t “buying” the relic.

“Sheeniac”… I’m really thrilled for you, to obtain the relic! I love Archbishop Sheen, too. He’s a member of my personal “Prayer Committee”. :smiley:

Servant of God, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen… pray for us.
God bless!


Canon Law:

Can. 1190 §1. It is absolutely forbidden to sell sacred relics.

Frankly, shipping costs are part of a sale price. It simply means the relic is being sold for the cost of shipping.


My cashier’s check to the Postulator in Rome wasn’t returned…so either there’s a corrupt bishop guilty of simony loose in Rome, or there’s something more about it…


You really think a bishop is sitting there opening the mail and processing cheques??





Does Bishop Sheen have to be a saint before his relics are holy and sacred? Right now, aren’t they just plain ol’ souviniers? I thought simony was for sacred/holy things. Until he’s a saint, they’re just…um…things layin’ about :smiley:


It won’t be long before he’s a canonized saint. Canonization is the Academy Awards of sainthood. :smiley:


Cool. Is it more absorbent than a Sham-Wow cloth?


xsuasox is correct. Bishop Sheen is not only not canonised he is not even at the Blessed stage yet.

Sacred relics within the Catholic sense of the word relate ONLY to saints so the OP does not in fact have a sacred relic.


You have a point! But what a wonderful thing to have layin’ around - and I have a LOT of stuff layin’ around, I’ll tell ya’.

Since his canonization process has started, he is called ‘Servant of God’, which comes before ‘Blessed’. But, his cause has been my Rosary/prayer/Mass intention at every point. And, since I’m in the Rosary Confraternity, everyone in it is praying for it too. So, it certainly won’t be for lack of prayers! We’re storming the gates of Heaven for him.

There’s going to be a birthday Mass for him and a talk by people who knew him next month in Peoria (May 8). Maybe I should post that so more people could rain on the parade. Not you - I think you made a valid point.


LOL, it can’t be if it’s only less than a centimeter in width and length. :rotfl:


Actually, many postulators said that there are no actual relics until they are canonized so i guess I have to agree to a point that the relics of the candidates being distributed are remembrance of that person who lived a holy life

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