Beyond the Lectionary, reading scripture not covered by the daily readings


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It is my understanding that if you read the daily mass readings over a three year period [the full lectionary cycle], you will have covered 13.5% of the OT, and 71.4% of the NT.

Is anyone aware of a site or resource that will fill in the remaining gaps? Either with a suggested schedule or the actual readings?

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Here’s a link that identifies the various Lectionary readings.

The links on that page to “Scripture indices” show the passages that are in the Lectionary. If you’re looking to fill in the gaps, you can easily enough see what’s not included in the readings at Mass.


These reading pamphlets are good because they cover the OT & NT together daily, including the psalms.


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My recommendation would be to look up the readings of the day in your Bible, and read the surrounding verses as well as the actual text of the reading, to get a sense of the context.

It’s also good to just sit down and read several chapters or even a whole book at a time, depending on the book. Genesis or Mark would be way easier than Leviticus, or Revelation, and speaking of difficult passages - feel free to skip over them to get to something interesting; it’s not like you’re studying for a test or anything.

You can always go back later on, and find that once you’ve read through most of the rest of the Bible, the more difficult passages start making a lot more sense.


What I try to do is look at all the readings for the next week and then read the chapters that are covered for that week rather than focusing on the verses themselves. If its a shorter book I’ll just read the whole thing. Even using that methodology you’ll find you skip parts of the Bible, but you still get a fuller context of the readings.

One thing you’ll find is the daily readings can be “repeats” of previous Sunday readings, so you might want to fill in the “missing” parts by reading additional books that aren’t well covered in Mass instead of the Sunday readings.


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