Bi-ritual priest

Is it possible for a priest to get permission to celebrate more than two different liturgies/rites? (not sure if that’s the right wording.)

Say there was a priest who lived in a country where there was a shortage of priests, and a few different types of Catholics- Maronite, Melkite and Roman. Would he be able to get permission to say each three Masses to cater for all the people?


The substitute priest in our parish is also the pastor of or Chaldean Catholic “parish” (I use quotes there because they are a parish as a community, but they don’t have their own parish building. They share space with a Roman Catholic Parish).

I knew there was something different in the way he does things. The most obvious was after distributing Communion, he stays where he is, raises the chalice, says a short prayer silently, then slowly bring it down and kisses the chalice.

I found out he was Chaldean when I approached him about my child’s baptism. Because our pastor suddenly left for vacation and I cannot change the date because I have out-of-town family flying in for the date. Then he explained he didn’t know how to baptize in the Latin Rite. I have since attended Holy Qurbana at his parish.

That sounds awesome. I really want to see a Holy Qurbana from either the Chaldeans or the Malabarians.

At my parish we have a dominican who was given permission to celebrate the Divine Liturgy and he assists every Sunday in it’s celebration.

You might try Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Orangevale when you get the chance. They are Chaldeans and I understand they have built a brand new church building.

The only thing that lacked in the experience was the fact that it was in a Roman Catholic parish. So you don’t have that distinctive Chaldean feel to your surroundings. But I love their songs, very distinctively middle eastern. Even though I do not understand a word of it. Also they use a lot of incense. When they incense the congregation, the altar boy comes down the aisle and not merely incense them from the front.

Yep. Few go much past three rites, but noting that each church sui iuris might use a variation of the same base liturgy from others of its own rite…

Our common fill-in priest has faculties for 3 different Byzantine rite churches.

Our “fill-in-in-training” has faculties for a second western rite, and is studying for faculties for the Byzantine-Ruthenian.

It’s all about the bishops seeing the need, and permitting it.

My priest is a Tri ritual priest. The three are roman, maronite, and bizantine.

So can a Byzantine Rite priest from one sui juris Church easily celebrate the DL in another sui juris Church just by receiving the proper faculties?

Just by receiving permission. The differences are a few words translated differently here and there, and which petitions are optional in the ektenie.

Word translations like Pinions instead of Wings, “And with your spirit.” vs “And to your Spirit”… things like that.

We had a Ukrainian guest celebrant once… he had no faculties for the Ruthenian Church, so he used the Ukrainian DL. We noticed a few differences… especially his speaking the anaphora… but the rest were almost all minor rubrical differences.

He had his own antimension, and permission from the pastor.

We are Byzantine Catholic in the US- my husband has bi-ritual faculties for the Western-rite archdiocese- mostly so he can perform sacraments in the hospital (he’s a certified chaplain) in the Roman way. He doesn’t do it so much now, but there were years where he would have our Liturgy on Sunday morning and then go to two hospitals on Sunday to have Mass (no Western priests available)

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