Bi ritual religious order

I apologize. I mostly wanted to clarify because not everyone was aware of this, as was apparent above. I didn’t intend to offend you or anyone else.

It can take a while, though.

I think it took more than a year for our priest to get them after his ordination–even though he was working four days a week at a latin parish and in the latin chancery!

It is rather common for EC priests in the US to have latin faculties. Especially with small parishes, it is even common for the EC priest to be on the latin payroll, working almost full time for them but having disown parish that either couldn’t afford it, or is therefore able to put it into the building funds. And the RC bishop gets an extra priest he desperately needs.

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Yes, I think it is possible that this might happen in Europe, they might have some priests in a parish that servers both, and they might be called to pray both.

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