Bible alone and works of the Torah


Someone may have already posted something like this before . . . so forgive me. I belong to a saturday morning bible study where I am the only Catholic, the rest are non-denominational Christians. They are all “bible alone” believers, but one person in particular takes it so far, that I am reminded of Paul’s warning in Romans regarding "works of the Torah (Law). Has anyone else noticed a similarity like this too?


Pope Benedict XVI on Faith and Works in Paul:

(Two audiences from the Year of St. Paul) (begins a bit down)


Hmm. I’m not quite sure I follow. What is the relation you are implying between Works of the Law, and “Bible Alone”?


Well, it’s they way in which the bible is referenced, such as:
“Where is that in the bible”
“Where the bible is silent we are silent”

or scanned to answer questions as:
Should music be allowed in church?
Should women be allowed to have short hair, long hair, dye their hair, etc.?


There are definitely sola scriptura people out there. Unfortunately, they forget what the bible is, where it comes from, and what it’s purpose is.

There are a pluthera of arguments against their position, but rarely do they ever want to hear them.

First and foremost ask them where in the bible it says to listen to the bible alone? The bring up:

1 corinthians 11:2
2 Thessalonians 2:15
2 Thessalonians 3:6
John 21:25
Mark 13:31
Acts 20:35
2 Timothy 1:13
2 Timothy 2:2
2 Peter 1:20
2 Peter 3:15-16

that’s just a few, lol.


The most important is 1 Timothy 3:15, which says the Church is the pillar and bulwark of truth. The Bible says its the Church not the Bible.


Perhaps you should make the effort to find a Catholic Bible study that would teach your own faith instead of damaging it with heresies such as this.


The problem is that they are presuming things about the Bible that are not in the Bible.

If they ask you “Where is that in the Bible?”, it never hurts to know the passages which support our Catholic faith.

But you have to challenge the presumption that everything to be believed in order to be a Christian must be found directly in the Bible.

IOW, ask them “Where is it in the Bible that it says that we are only to believe and follow only that which is expressly written in the Bible?”

And, “Where in the Bible does it say that ‘we are silent where the Bible is silent’?”

I guarantee you that nowhere in the Bible does it say either of these things.

The suggestion that you ought to spend time in Catholic bible study is valid as well. The more thoroughly you are grounded in your faith the better suited you will be to evangelize the Faith to others.


Definitely. Ask your parish priest for a Catholic bible study group.


No music in the church. Plus we speak where the Bible speaks sounds like the Church of Christ Denomination. I once had a friend in that denom and thats what he had to say about everything.


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