Bible and Constitutional rights


Does the Bible trump the United States Constitution?

When God is telling me I should not sin and influencing me not to sin, is he violating my constitutional rights?

Ben Carson asked this question of the bible on constitutional rights?


According to the founding documents of the United States themselves, a man;s inherent rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness do not come from government or even the constitution, but from God himself.

So yes, ultimately the Bible does hold the trump card over the Constitution.


The Declaration of Independence is just that. It had to be based on inalienable, God-given rights because up until that point the Continental Congress had reaffirmed their loyalty to the King and were asking for their rights as Britons.

Otoh is our governing document, it does not mention God nor God-given rights. I’d say it would be wrong to base a Constitutional decision on the Bible. Whose Bible? What interpretation?


Douay-Rheims or Knox translation? :rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:


The inherent God given rights are given to the individual.
Not just this individual, or that individual, or the one who has risen to a position of prominence in this or that church or Church, but every individual.


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