Bible apps for Droid

After the thread earlier regarding the Daily Mass app I decided to look and see if there were any apps for my droid that will basically read the bible to me while I’m driving (half hour commute to work one way). I was surprised at just how many there are and I’m curious as to whether or not anyone would have any recommendations before I just start flippantly downloading them to find out the hard way I don’t like one.

Don’t know about Bible reading apps, but I have Listen and my phone auto-Bluetooths to my radio and I can listen to Catholic Underground, Busted Halo, and Catholic Stuff You Should Know. Technology is great… :thumbsup:

Not being familiar with Listen (still unsure what it is) I searched for it in the android market and for some reason it pulled up an app called “”.

It was free and so far it’s awesome. It seems way easier to navigage than the few I’ve downloaded for my Kindle app as the versions (there’s more than one available) were formatted for much easier navigation as an application than a a Kindle book. The audio is all streamed so I’ve not been able to try it to any great extent because at work I have a weak signal but it sounds ok from the little bit I heard.


While I’ve not spent near enough time with it for a full on review is pretty awesome… aside from what I noted yesterday about the text being easier to navigate compared to the kindle bibles I have the audio seems to work well. The only “complaint” is that the ESV audio is done dramatically meaning the quotes are acted out. I do like this because it adds more distinction however the voice acting is pretty bad… but hey… it’s free :thumbsup:

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