"Bible as History" Book Suggestion

I don’t know if this is the right forum for this, but I’ll try.

I’m looking for a book that describes the archaeological evidence for places/events described in the Bible. It’s just a curiosity thing - I love history and would be interested to read how much the archaeological record has validated accounts in the Bible. Any suggestions?

This one is a classic in the field. I would recommend it.


Oops, I should have put in the first post that I have that one (mooched from my dad) but the copyright is 1955 and even the updates are 1980, not long after I was born. I was wondering if there was something more recent. If not, I will go back to that one - looking for things to put on my Christmas list!

It might not be your cup of tea but I have read “Biblical Archaeology Review” for several years.


You can keep up with current discoveries in a fairly easy to read magazine.

Another alternative is “The History Book Club”. I have been a member off and on for years. Bear in mind that their academic archaeology texts are pretty orthodox but some of their other texts under the subtitle of Religion can be pretty liberal or far-fetched.

I, too, have the 1980s Bible as History but the edition on Amazon is current up to 1995.

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