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Hi everyone,

My cousin celebrates her nineteenth birthday next week and afterward she's taking her gap year to travel with friends. She converted to Catholicism last year, and as a present I'd like to buy her an audio version of the Bible to keep with her throughout her travels. (An audio book is necessary because she's blind.) However, I have no idea which 'type' of Bible would be suitable for a Catholic (I'm only at the very, very beginning stages of deciding to convert, so forgive my ignorance) and, also, whether a certain recording is preferable above all others.

Any help would be much appreciated. :o

I did a quick search using and

I didn't find anything amazing. I would suggest that you contact you local Americain or whatever country you reside in association for the blind to help you.

In terms of bibles you are looking at: The NRSV New Revised Standard version either Catholic edition or with the apocrypha or deuterocanoncial book.

The Catholic student bible would be idea since she is so young.
this version isn't available in audio form from what I can determine.

Contact your local diocese and ask what book they would recommend.

With your cousin being 19 and new into the Catholic denomination there maynot be alot of options but that said, you might get away with downloading something for free offline. When I did a google search, I found alot of options, I'm just not sure how many include the Catholic books.

EWTN has a fantastic New Testament audio bible. It is called "Truth and Life Dramatized Audio Bible". Actual they have quite a lot of audio bible material. Start at:

The version I as referring to i on page 2. Catholic Bibles have seven books more that Protestant Bibles (Martin Luther took them out). So if you are trying to get her an entire Bible - be sure it is Catholic.

I thank you both for your helpful advice! I have found the ‘Truth and Life Dramatized Audio Bible’ on, so I shall download it tonight.

Once again, thank you! :thumbsup:

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