Bible Authenticity


Does anyone know where I can get good resources which show that the bible is an authentic historical document (in videos, books, etc.) Also, does anyone know where I can find a resource which goes in depth into why specific books are put into the bible?




For the assembly of the Bible, one can note which books were received in various regions. For that, I might recommend a good resource book called Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger by Gary Michuta. It is an excellent resource providing names, dates, and source material quotations from the early Church.

St. Augustine gives a window into the kinds of criteria given to any given text, such as its use in the churches:*Now, in regard to the canonical Scriptures, he must follow the judgment of the greater number of Catholic churches; and among these, of course, a high place must be given to such as have been thought worthy to be the seat of an apostle and to receive epistles. Accordingly, among the canonical Scriptures he will judge according to the following standard: to prefer those that are received by all the Catholic churches to those which some do not receive. Among those, again, which are not received by all, he will prefer such as have the sanction of the greater number and those of greater authority, to such as are held by the smaller number and those of less authority. If, however, he shall find that some books are held by the greater number of churches, and others by the churches of greater authority (though this is not a very likely thing to happen), I think that in such a case the authority on the two sides is to be looked upon as equal. (Augustine, On Christian Doctrine, II.12)*I also recommend articles on the Bible at Dr. Scott Hahn’s page, such as those on the historicity of texts.


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