Bible book tabs. Worth it?

Hello again. I’ve been looking at these recently;

These look to be similar to what are called Tabbies in the US Amazon store. Does anyone use them and are they worth it? Bible pages tend to be really thin, would this cause the pages to rip or get damaged?

I like the concept of them, for quick reference to the books, but unsure if they are worth investing in.

If you need them, and you find them useful, they are worth the price.

I have one Bible with almost those exact tabs, and I’ve had others with other types of tabs. They do tend to damage the pages. It would be better to become so familiar with the Bible that you can open to the general location of any of the books.



I have a Bible which was manufactured with tabs, and by now many of the tabs are partially torn from the tabbed pages. Not recommended.

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I have them and have never had an issue - but I do tend to be careful because they could rip a page, etc. The biggest complaint I have is the difficulty in finding a Catholic set.

I find them annoying, but, I am a Convert. We memorized the books of the Bible in order when we were children, I was quite shocked when I realized Catholic children were not at all familiar with looking up Scripture passages :frowning:

We used songs to learn, and, there is a song you can learn so you will not need the tabs!


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