Bible chapters and verses?

Who divided the books of the Bible into individual chapters and verses?

Chapters: Stephen Langton, Archbishop at Canterbury.Era of Innocent III.

Verses: early 1500’s, Robert Estienne.

[quote=ktm]Who divided the books of the Bible into individual chapters and verses?

I believe it was the (Catholic) council of Nicea (I can’t remember for sure) who determined how the Bible was assembled…and what was/wasn’t Scripture…they also put in the paragraphs, sentences, punctuation etc etc.


In short, verses were numbered in order to help the printer’s find, edit, correct, etc. after the invention of the printing press.

The bad news? They made it easy to take verses out of context to the rest of the Book/chapter they are in. Example, Eph 2:8-9 makes it sound like we are saved by ‘faith alone’. Many Baptist preachers consistently preach these two verses but conveniently forget verse 10. Add verse 10 and the works it talks about are works of the law and not freely offered deeds.

Verses are good but one verse does not a Bible make?

Take everything in context.

Food for thought: verses were numbered and shortly thereafter we had Luther start protestantism? Context? Chance? Numbering was good or bad?:hmmm:

The division of the Bible into chapters was a result of work done by Stephen Langton (d. 1227), who later became the Archbishop of Canterbury. Father Santes Pagninus, a Dominican priest, divided the Old Testament chapters into verses in 1528, and Robert Estienne, a printer in Paris, did the same for the New Testament in 1551.

So that explains why Jesus never quoted bible verses. When he wanted to quote something out of the OT scripture, he quoted the opening lines of the passage.


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