"Bible Christian" Who does this better fit: Protestants or Catholics?


and Why???


Fits Protestants, they think the Bible is the sole Authority so you’ll here this in their circle a lot. Catholics are just Christians.


And yet Catholics get the whole picture because we read whole passages, rather than snippets of scripture. We get the whole picture, instead of having a preacher bend the scriptures to their messages…:shrug:


Depends. One one hand it first Protestant for their believe in Sola Scriptura. On the other hand Catholics are the true bible Christians because their interpretation is guided by the authoritative teaching of the Church.

Of course I would only use it to refer to Protestants.


Protestants are better trained than Catholics as children. You never hear of Catholics having Sunday school, do you?
Not saying that Catholics aren’t exposed to scripture, just that Protestants are more immersed in it at an earlier age.
Still though, unless you have faith in God and believe what He taught throughout the ages, no amount of bible study can make you a “Bible Christian”. :slight_smile:


It fits anyone whom seeks the truth that is in Christ and Christ alone!




Catholics do have Sunday School for kids. They also get catechized starting at a young age. Also, Catholics hear/read nearly the whole Bible by simply attending Mass over the course of a 3-year period.


Protestants are more of a “religion of the book” like Muslims. Catholics are not.


Since when does the Catholic Church have Sunday School??? I honestly have never heard of any that have.


It’s often called CCD. It doesn’t take the place of Mass, but is in addition to it. It’s usually, but not necessarily, on Sundays.


What in the world are you insinuating???


I’m not insinuating anything. I was outright stating that the two beliefs are the same regarding a book being the final authority.


Both are Bible Christians but Protestantism lack the fullness of the Truth since they did away with the Sacraments in 1517 during the Reformation.


A Book that didn’t exist for the first hundreds of years of Christianity…and for the first 1500 or so years wasn’t even able to be read by the masses because of rampant illiteracy.

Things that make you go hmmmm. :confused:


Most (90%) of Churches offer CCD for children up until 8th grade (longer if that particular diocese does not offer Confirmation until high school).
RCIA is open to all Catholics, regardless if he/she is converting or not. We (Catholics) just don’t have a specific time offered on the schedule
IE: Sunday School 9am Service/Worship 10am

Does that make sense?


It fits Catholics.
The Catholic Church existed before the bible and we assembled the bible.
Catholics go through most of the bible every three years.
Here’s a neat one … every day (not *just *every Sunday) 1.1 billion Catholics see the same scripture readings at mass, whereever they are. Talk about unity and being of one mind.
Our children are taught scripture from early on and encouraged to read.



Yes, that makes sense. CCD is presented like a forced thing, at least around my area. Kids are not happy to go. Now my Protestant friends who have kids in Sunday School seem to like it. I asked them why and they said it’s fun and they learn about their brother, Jesus.
Is it just the spin that Catholics have on things that turns people off or what?


Do you not know Scripture existed even while the apostles journeyed to spread the the Gospel. There are at least two or three areas in the NT where the authors referred to other authors writings as scripture and they were quoting NT.


what I find really funny about Protestants is that when they read the bible with the guidance of sola scriptura, they think they are unlocking hidden secrets from the bible the Catholic Church put together and have been using.

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