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What in the world does the term ‘Bible Christian’ or ‘Bible-Based Church’ mean? Why are these terms even used? How can you be a ‘non-bible Christian’ or belong to a ‘non Bible based Church’?

These rank up there with ‘free gift’ of salvation that also irks me.

Act now and get saved and we’ll thrown in your ‘free gift’. Cheapens the meaning IMHO.


AFAIK those terms are used to denote those Christian denominations who believe in sola scriptura. Those that believe the Bible is all that is needed.


But, then, of course this begs the question: were the first Christians “Bible Christians”? Did those early disciples of the Word made Flesh depend upon Sacred Scripture as the supreme and final source for the gospel of Jesus Christ? Did those Christians converted at Pentecost consider themselves new members of a “Bible based church”?

Of course, all of these questions are rhetorical as we know the answers.

Yet the refrains of “Bible Christians” touting “Bible based churches” do not cease and we find ourselves in a Christian culture that is divided. One side claiming the sole and/or supreme authority of Sacred Scripture. The other holding to the tradition passed on through the Apostles to the Chruch by way of Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture. Both with a strong regard for the written Word, but oddly at odds.

Satan smiling all the while.


Buy a copy of the Bible in English translation, unless you happen to speak the sacred tongues.
Decide what you think it is saying to you, and then use it as a manual for starting up a church.

Not an obviously unreasonable procedure. However not everyone agrees with it.


Good point.

The Church Christ founded is not Bible-based. How could she be since the New Testament was written by members of the Church for the Church?

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