Bible college students assaulted in Mangalore-karnataka India
Bible college students punched and kicked in Mangalore
Hindu extremists on 15 August, brutally assault Bible College
students in Bhachpa ,Mangalore.
Aount 2.30 pm, Bible college went on an outreach programme to the Perampur beach about 10kms from the college, after Independence Day
celebration and flag hoisting at the Bible college.
The students distributed Gospel Tracts to people on the beach. Two extremists who followed the students right from the college gate, began punching and kicking the students identified only as Anniaha and Vasanth…

Sadly, India is a place where Christians are often persecuted. When I was there for 6 months on business, I heard first-hand from some brothers and sisters about the things they had to put up with. Makes our problems seem small in comparison.

I will continue to pray for the persecuted Church. May the Lord assist them in their recovery and allow them to forgive those who persecute them.

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