Bible commentary

Since the site still isn’t working, does anyone have a link to a good bible commentary site?

The Aquinas Study on the link below on my signature is my favorite, I designed it the way I wanted! :slight_smile:

The Haydock Commentary here.

Look up the Collegeville Bible Commentary. They sell it book by book or you can buy the whole for a hefty price. Luckily our library has the whole book.

The most respected English-language, Catholic commentary is the Jerome Biblical Commentary, but it’s probably too scholarly for most Catholics. The New Collegeville Bible Commentary is far easier to read. Some of the best U.S. Catholic scripture scholars contributed to this commentary. I don’t see an up-to-date revision of the entire Old Testament commentary, but there are revised booklets on a number of Books of both the Old and New Testaments. The New Testament commentary was published in 1989 and is reasonably priced - but there are more recent revisions for individual books of the New Testament. I’d recommend the Jerome and Collegeville commentaries over anything published prior to 1945, when Pope Pius XII encouraged Catholics to adopt new methods of studying scripture.
-Joe Offer-

Thanks for all your suggestions :slight_smile:

Although it is limited, the Agape Bible study has some of the best commentary I’ve seen online. It is very detailed but does not cover all the books in the Bible (yet).

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