Bible Dictionaries


I’m trying to decide on which Bible dictionary to buy. If anyone has one of the following I’d be interested in your reviews. 1. The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary 2. The Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary 3. Catholic Bible Dictionary by Scott Hahn. Thanks.


I like the Catholic Bible Dictionary by Scott Hahn.


The Catholic Bible Dictionary for example has nearly five pages on the Eucharist alone!


I too recommend the Catholic Bible Dictionary by Scott Hahn. Go to and look inside the book and read what people have said about it.


I have several, including Hahn’s, but my “go-to” dictionary is Harper’s Bible Dictionary.

Although Hahn’s is excellent, a dictionary tauted as “Catholic” is not a good choice as an aid to serious biblical theology. If you just want a reference to unfamiliar terms, people, places, etc., related to Catholicism or strictly Catholic theology, then Hahn’s is a sound choice.

So, I would say, your choice depends on what you are using it for. And, still, you may want a couple of different ones.


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