Bible Highlighting?

Ok, since we kind of started this in another thread and got it a little off topic, I thought it would be good to start one about this. (if this isn’t in the right section, please move it:thumbsup: )

Do you highlight and/or write in your Bible? Why or Why not?

And just to ask a fun question…are any of you leery about “messing” up your good leather bound Bibles by doing this?:smiley:

I do highlight in my Bibles…even the leather bound ones (with the exception of my new Ignatius Leather one with the pretty cover , but I’ll probably end up doing it in that one eventually too:)).

Some of my Bibles I highlight for meditation & favorite passages and I have one that I use for apologetics purposes (its color coded for everything).

Anyway, I just thought this would be a good thread for everyone! :slight_smile:

I do highlight my Bibles, but only the ones I use for study and apologetics purposes.

I used to highlight for devotional purposes, but I found that many verses and passages that seemed very meaningful to me personally when I just started reading the Bible 20 years ago, are less so now. Besides – my eyes are so bad now, I can’t read nost of the notes I made back in 1984! :shrug:

So I now have study Bibles that I mark up mercilessly, but one nice personal size RSVCE that is just for spiritual reading.

Yes I do highlight and write in my study Bibles that I use for study and apolpgetics. My leather Bible that I use for spiritual and mediation on Gods Word I don’t.

I have about six different translations; of them I only highlight and write in two of them.

i only have one catholic edition bible, so it gets used for all purposes, including highlighting purposes. sad to say, the paper is so thin the highlighting shows through on the other side of the page! gah!

You should get some dry highlighters. They are great!!

I like to take notes from bible study on post it notes and then place them over the readings we are discussing. That way I can take detailed notes and still be able to read both the notes and the readings.:thumbsup:

Good idea! I’ll try that next time!!

i used to use regular highlighters, but they would always show through the other page, or made little skid marks (i don’t know if that’s the right word in english lol)

so now i use a Bible Dryliter … which is, like angel rose said, a dry highlighter. and i love it! i use it all the time lol. half my Bible is highlighted with it lol

in terms of writings in it… sometimes I might write this like a little line explaining something, but most of the time i don’t. most of my notes can be found by the commentaters in the footnotes, so i just highlight that!

Hey! same here!

I have my older paperback Ignatius Bible, which is the one I highlight now, together with my JB (I use the JB much less frequently now). I have the Second Edition of the RSV-CE from Ignatius and I don’t mark that one. Neither do I mess with my genuine-leather Oxford RSV-CE.

I’m :blush: trying to quit…My Bibles tend to turn into more highlights than not, & are:( hard to read as a result…

This is a very good idea! It would help me to take notes, etc, without turning my Bible into :eek: one great sea of yellow…with :eek: black & red underlining…

I was taught to kiss and treat the Bible with much reverence since I was a child, so I cannot imagine defacing it with a pen or a highlighter.

:shrug: just my :twocents:


I have a whole highlighting system going! I color coordinate according to topic. I’m bad!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I use my little compact RSV-CE to highlight in. I bought some gel type highlighter pens, that don’t bleed. There is a blank page at the very beginning of the Bible, so I used that and wrote in the subject in whatever color I was going to use to highlight. I currently have 16 different subject in 16 different colors. :blush: Like I said I’m bad! :slight_smile: What I do instead of highlighting the whole passage is I make brackets around it. This way the passage is still readable.

I intend to get a DRV one of these days. That one will not be marked in. I also have a KJV that I received for my first Holy Communion that I won’t mark in.

That’s why most of us have at least two copies, one for prayer and meditation, the other for study and notes.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you would deface a book let alone the Book…oh my…and this is why I thought there were holy cards for when you ran out of ribbon etc…:smiley:

I’ve never come across these dry lighters…and I’m cheap. I use a black pen. Sadly I’ve got a slight tremor (at 23, I’ll be terrible at 80 :stuck_out_tongue: ) so my underlining often drops up or down far enought to strike through words :frowning: .

I always end up making my own little concorances on the front and back pages listing recent passages I’ve learned on different topics.

Though as another said, I was once taught not to write in a Bible…but I didn’t write in school books either then. Now I underline and note extensively in both.

I’ll never highlight a Bible, it’s too sacred to deface.

Hmmm…those pens sound like a good idea. That way you can make it a little neater too. My Dry highlighter feels like I’m using a crayon sometimes:o ! My local Christian bookstore has some of those pens I think. I’m going to go get some of those!

And I thought I was the only one! :slight_smile:

I cannot imagine not highlighting. For me, it really helps in learning and connecting topics and themes in Scripture. I also use Scripture chains that give you the next reference on a topic so you can go right to it.

I found that I needed to buy a wide-margin Bible to contain all my notes and references. :o

I use highlighters in my Bibles. I do not buy them on-line. I get them at a local Christian store. I am including this link, though, to show the kind that I use.

I’m right there with you! what do you do when a passage relates to more than one topic? Any tips?

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