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Hi y’all,

I’m looking to purchase a new Bible. I’m not so dead set on a Catholic edition per-se.

I’m looking for one that is real leather, not bonded. Also it is important that it’s not too huge like the study Bible’s that I own. I’m just looking for one that I could easily throw into my backpack before I head to class and I can use in between classes. But I do not care for a compact size.

Any suggestions would be great!

Thank y’all


I have several. My preferred version is RSV-CE. I used to have the first edition (which, sadly, got destroyed). I have the second edition, which is bounded. But look what I found a suggestion for! (On CAF for that fact).


Let me get this straight: You are SSPX and do not care if it’s a Catholic Bible? 91% of holy writ, translated with denominational bias will suffice? Color me :confused:


Here is a Douay-Rheims Bible on Angelus Press. I’m not sure if it’s bonded leather or not. You should get a Catholic Bible, not a Protestant one.


Why would you not want a Catholic Bible?


I recommend this one. It’s Catholic and, in my opinion, it reads better than other translations. It’s well constructed and feels good in the hand, it’s neither compact nor huge, and it would work well in a student backpack, although you’d probably want a piece of felt to wrap it in. If you don’t go to a fabric store and buy a piece of felt to wrap around it for protection while it’s in your bag, it will get thrashed in your backpack, like all books do. It’s bound in leather, but I don’t know whether it’s reconstituted/bonded leather, but I would guess that it’s not. It feels nice to hold, though, like I said. Also, it opens flat and the typescript is clean and clear, and very easy on the eyes.


TAN Books has an excellent selection of Catholic Bibles with genuine leather covers.

The Douay-Rheims is here:

They also have the Revised Standard Version and NAB, though I don’t recommend the latter (I’m an Anglophile, so I prefer the Jerusalem among modern translations. :))


To be fair, many Catholics tend to enjoy translations such as the KJV, NKJV and NIV because of their more “conservative” translation choices or stylistic preference, and many of them are available with the Deuterocanon included.

I have an Orthodox Study Bible which is part NKJV. It’s not my go-to source for either regular spiritual reading or reference, but it reads quite well in many places. :slight_smile:


OK, if it has to be traditional, leather bound and reasonably compact:|1006980


*Have you thought about downloading a bible to your laptop / blackberry / Phone /
Kindle etc…

There are some very good free downloads available and it won’t weigh down your backpack.
Try this. (Douay-Rheims)*

Just a thought. :tiphat:


That’s an excellent idea!

There are also Bible apps (including the Douay-Rheims) available for smartphones, usually at a very minimal cost. (There’s a free NRSV, but it’s marred by pop-up ads. :p)


This one is about an inch think, nice and flexable, readable, even has thumb tabs on my version rsv ce. I got mine for $10 on ebay. Still in the box. Very minimal notes


Another choice would be to take a commentary of one book at a time. Example:,204,203,200.jpg,204,203,200.jpg


The new Jerusalem Bible and/or the RSCVE.


The NAB is suppose is used in Catechism by Ratzinger.


That is not the one used in the Catechism.

The one used in the Catechism is the RSV (Revised Standard Edition). It is also used in the other documents from the Magisterium of the Church for Eng. translations.


I know most posters don’t like the NAB but I love mine.


My favorite on-the-go Bible is “The Companion Bible” by Bullinger. It has in-page notes and 198 Appendices for references. Handy when away from reference texts/computer.

(I have the compact one for away from home and the large print for home.)

Here is an example of the Bible format:

Here are the online Appendices:

It says it comes in black and burgundy bonded genuine leather (indexed or without).


Msgr. Knox Bible from Baronius Press.
(Just listed it in case the link doesn’t work several years from now.;))


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