Bible in a year?


I reserved a copy of “My Daily Catholic Bible: 20-Minute daily Readings: Revised Standard Version,” and I’m wondering if I should actually go and pick it up. Has anyone used this? The reviews I saw on Amazon were encouraging, but if there’s something better/more user-friendly available, I think I’d prefer that alternative.

I’m looking for a Bible or Bible guide that is accessible and still authentic. One of my biggest personal stumbling blocks has been developing a prayer routine, and I’m thinking that reading the Bible according to a schedule might help.

Any thoughts or personal experiences would be appreciated!


I applaud your desire to read the Bible. However, most people who try to read it cover-to-cover get bogged down in certain parts and eventually give up.

I would recommend taking the approach used in the Great Adventure Bible Timeline by Jeff Cavins. He identifies the books that make up the “narrative thread” of the Bible (the books that “tell the story”) and recommends beginning with those:

*]1 Samuel
*]2 Samuel
*]1 Kings
*]2 Kings
*]1 Maccabees
*]Acts of the Apostles

There’s a lot more information to help you if you attend one of his seminars, watch or listen to his series on EWTN, or use some of the materials (books, CDs, DVDs) on the subject.


I have this book - it is very nice and easy to knock off each reading in the morning during breakfast. It pairs an OT and a NT reading every day and ties them in with a quote from a saint. I think it is a great way to get into the habit of reading the bible in a simple, digestable form.


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