Bible in Latin


I’ve been looking for a close translation of the Latin Bible used by the Roman Catholic Church and unfortunately that editions aren’t popular in Denmark.

I saw the Vulgata from the German Bible Society and from Hendrickson Publishers as well and it seems it doesn’t fit in what I am really looking for.

Do you guys know a place where I could buy? I’ve heard this site but I ain’t sure if they are trusted.


You could read it for free on the vatican website:

But if you want to buy it, do you want the Clementine Vulgate or the Nova Vulgata?


well thanks, but I prefer to have a physical version, I guess Nova Vulgata is the latest edition used in the Vatican. But it doesn’t really matter since both we’re used and approved by the Vatican Council :thumbsup:


Do you mean a Latin version or a translation from Latin into Danish or English?

This is the Latin version I own.

For a translation in English, the usual is the Douay-Rheims, which you can also find in bilingual edition with Latin text in the other column… No clue about Danish.


Well I’m looking for a Latin Edition, with Latin text. The thing is I cannot find either Clementine or Nova Vulgata anywhere. As I mentioned that website, it has the Clementine version but I ain’t sure if they are trustworthy


It is a trustworthy and scholarly edition. It is not, however, “the Clementine.” Check out this bilingual edition.


Well thanks for the suggestion. I kinda meant this website

But thanks anyways


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