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I’ve seen a lot of videos on youtube where people write, make notes, underline, highlight draw little pictures in their Bibles. They use specific journaling Bibles. Are Catholics allowed to do this? When I was younger I was taught not to write anything in the Bible.


Nothing wrong with it. If it helps you appreciate scripture better, go for it.



If it helps you study, I’d do it. But I might consider having a cheaper copy with largish margins to do this with. I find that over the years I change my mind about what I would highlight.


Absolutely do so if it helps you read and study God’s word more often.

Catholic bookstores sell special Bible high-lighters that don’t bleed through the very thin pages Bibles are printed on.

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There is one Catholic journaling bible on the market:


We can, but I revere the Holy Writ more than that. Funny that those who live by bible alone scrawl notes all over them.

Just seems strange.


Yes, but be warned – the print is small.


You could do this, but I think it’s better to actually have a journal that you write in every day after reading the Bible.


My Bible is completely marked up with red pen and highlighters.



I went through a phase of highlighting and writing in my Bible. But after a while it became a distraction. Just because one part of a passage stuck out to me on a particular day didn’t mean that the same passage is what I needed on a different day. But once it was highlighted that is always the section that my eye and mind were drawn to. It became very limiting after a while. I got a fresh RSV-CE Bible and havene’t marked it up. I feel like it frees my mind to focus on whatever the Holy Spirit wants to say to me that day rather than what I have previously thought about.


I have a family bible that is strictly for show.

And a paperback bible that is all written up in.


I do this all the time but I always do it in a separate journal. It helps me keep tract of the verses that I love and ones that I want to understand more deeply.


I love my Bible on Kindle. I can make a million notes and never mark up my Bible :slight_smile:


There’s also an app called You Version, that has a number of different translations, including some Catholic versions. You can highlight and make notes in there, as well.


Personally I would never write in my Bible it seems kind of wrong to me so I get your question and what you feel about being taught not to. I feel it’s disrespectful myself, but I guess it’s a personal thing. For me it would never work, cos the Holy Spirit moves me differently at different times when reading my Bible. I keep a prayer journal and write in there the outcome of my prayers, prayerful reading of the Bible and any mental prayer reflections that come to me so I don’t need to write in my Bible even if I felt so inclined which I dont. I include the Bible passages when it’s from readings and it is dated so that I can go back and compare over the years how things have changed.


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