Bible literary form-Prophetic vs. Oracle


I am looking to understand the different literary forms of the Bible. I know there are letters, prophecies, revelations, etc. However, can someone tell me the difference between the “oracle” literary form and the “prophetic/prophecy” literary form?

Thank you.


It is my understanding that the “oracle literary form” is a sub-genre within the broader forms of “prophecy,” properly speaking.

While many erroneously identify prophecy with “foretelling,” it generally has more to do with “forthtelling” where the prophet reminds God’s people of His truth at certain critical times and junctures.

Oracular pronouncements are specific warnings found mostly within prophecy as a whole. According to The Modern Reader’s Bible, an oracle is a divine command or communication. For example, Isaiah 21:1 to 22:3 contains four communications of the Lord to the prophet (see Isaiah 21, 22; Proverbs 31:1-9; Nahum 1; Habakkuk 1-3) .


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