Bible Maps in Searchable CD-format

I’m interested in buying a CD-format for electronic Bible maps, that can be used as a personal reference, as an accompaniment while reading the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. I usually buy my study material from Amazon.

The primary interest is to visualize from a high quality (color?) map, the locations where Biblical events occur, that would be relative for each Biblical book being read from cover to cover.

Of benefit, would be search-capabilities by name of location and by time-frame, at least by time frame of O.T. versus N.T.

Please give your recommendations on CD-format, searchable Bible Maps, that would be ideal for study purposes, when reading the Bible from cover to cover. Thanks folks.

Sharing with you, a nice site that has map-functions at a reasonable price (free). You can navigate to the site, select Maps, and choose several interactive maps. The graphics are pretty good, and allows you to zoom in to see the graphics of the map.
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If others know of good interactive Biblical maps, at cost or free on the internet, that would be cool.

You can visit the website in my signature which has every verse with a place name marked with a clickable flag. This will open a satellite map to that place which you can use your mouse wheel to zoom in on. This may not meet all of your needs, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

Very nice! Thanks irenaeuslyons.

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