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Hi I am currently in RCIA. The first Bible I received says it includes the Revised New Testament and Revised Psalms. This one was damaged so I had to get another one however the second does not say it includes these things. Is the second Bible a newer version? It is the same ISBN number. Thank you.

With the NAB (New American Bible) you have to open the front cover and look inside for the dates published.

The first NAB was published in 1970 (both OT and NT will have this date).

The second version of the NAB revised the NT in 1986 but kept the 1970 OT.

The third version of the NAB revised the psalms in 1991 and kept the 1986 NT and the 1970 OT.

The newest (fourth) version of the NAB (now called the NABRE or NAB revised edition) revised the OT including the psalms in 2010 and kept the 1986 NT.

Hope this helps.

:thumbsup: Thanks for stating it concisely. I saw a blogger mention that keeping track of the variations of the NAB requires a spreadsheet. :stuck_out_tongue:

So are they the same?

From what I have read the newest edition is not allowed in Mass.

Are what the same?

When a translation of Scripture is “revised”, it means the bulk of the text is going to be pretty much the same. They aren’t starting over from scratch with the original texts. They’re just tweaking things here and there.

Yes and no. The Lectionary we use at Mass here in the U.S. is based off the NAB, but there are some variations so that the Lectionary stays true to the liturgical translation guidelines.

Yes, it is confusing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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