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Ashley Winters again.

I’m starting my journey toward Catholicism understanding (if possible ;P). I was wondering, since the STICKY post link is not available anymore, is their a good website for bible lookup (verses, words, cross reference)?

I’m starting at the beginning in Genesis, and I’ve finished two chapters, but I’m one that likes to look at individual words, and wonder why they chose that word for a reversion. I do look at the whole verse, but individual words make me wonder also.

I’m using the NABRE version.

Ashley Winters


If you are willing to use the RSV then there is a great tool at



Thanks for the site, but I think I wasn’t clear enough.

I was meaning the language (Latin/Hebrew/Greek) lookup.

Example: why the word “our” is used in Genesis 1:26


Because the Hebrew word for God is Elohim, which is both singular and plural…the plural use is supportive of our belief of the three persons of God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), the Holy Trinity…therefore the use of “our” in the verse (“in our own image”) is not polytheistic, but monotheistic.


So it doesn’t mean angels?


no, because God said, “let us create man in our own image”…and only God (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) created…angels are creatures made by God, not creators, like God.


Okay that makes sense.Does that mean Jesus was present at the beginning of creation? He is part of the Trinity.


Yes…see john 1verse 3 and verse 10…the Holy Spirit was there also, see genesis 1 verse 2.


The trinity has always been a confusing subject for me. It is made up of Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Father- GOD, Son- Jesus, Holy Ghost

The confusing part for me is, the father and son. Yes God created the world and did he create Jesus also, is my question? I know Jesus came to earth as a child, and the spirit of God (Holy Ghost) was the one responsible for miracles. Also when he was on the cross, it tells us that God had forsaken him (two different “people”)

In those two examples it shows clearly two different “people”. So how can Jesus and God and the Holy Ghost, be three yet be one at the same time?

Am I making any sense??

-Ashley Winters


Draw a triangle with the one point down.

At each corner draw a circle.

Inside the Triangle write: God.

In left Top Circle write Father, in the Top right circle write Son, in the bottom circle write Holy Spirit

On the line connecting Father and Son write IS NOT…On the line connecting Son and Holy Spirit write IS NOT…on the line connecting Holy Spirit and Father write IS NOT.

Draw an arrow pointing from Father to God, write on the arrow line IS. Draw an arrow pointing from Son to God, write on the arrow line IS. Draw an arrow pointing from Holy Spirit to God, write on arrow IS.

Now you have a chart explaining that each person of the Trinity are separate, but each person of the Trinity is God…

Its like me. I am Neofight, but I am a brother, a father, and a husband…as brother, father, and husband I am the brother, the father, and the husband, but this brother, this father, and this husband are all one Neofight.


Okay so my next question is:
God is the father- I understand,
God is the Holy Spirit- I understand,
God is the Son- Do Not Understand. I guess that is where I get confused. Because when I see the son- I see Jesus (physical person)- So is Jesus the physical GOD? Someone we can look to, to see an image of God, like us in physical form as a human??


Yes, he is the physical God…the result of “the incarnation”…where God (the Son…also known as “the Word”) became man…prior to the incarnation The Son was, like the Father, pure spirit.

See john 1from about verse 1 through 14 or so…St. John does a wonderful job of explaining the Son as part of the Trinity, who became flesh, and became Jesus who was had both natures; human(with the exception of sin) and divine.

Thank you for your questions, as providing answers gives me a way to serve God!


Thanks for being patient with me. I learned something and understood it!


Thanks for this, Neofight. Coming back to Trinitarian Christianity from Mormonism, this was one of the hangups I was having. :thumbsup:


King James Version for what it’s worth…

Hebrew Old Testament at
Greek New Testament at


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