Bible on ipod

If you know of any good bible programs that I can upload on to my ipod and/or laptop, will you please share them with me. I have the NT, audio, on my ipod, but I am looking for text. I prefer searchable text.


What sorts of files are these? I mean, what is the extension on the file name for “searchable text” files?

Once you know that, you may be able to copy and paste text into Word or something else and “save as” that kind of file. At the very least, you can do it into Notepad and save as “text” which has the file extension .txt - I am assuming that the iPod can read those.

For your laptop, get e-Sword. It is free & it comes with the KJV plus Strong’s concordance, you can download the Douay-Rheims and other Bibles for it as you wish.

Btw,where did you find the audio NT for ipod?

You can buy any CD version of the NT and rip to iTunes.

Or there you search for Bible MP3 to find some free versions. Since the so many translations are not under any sort of copyright you can find a lot of free versions online.

Or you can check out:

None of those are Catholic versions.

Thanks for the info. I bought the NT from itunes. It is audio only.

You can d/l the NIV here, but you have to do it book by book and the readings are accompanied by music.
The LDS have the KJV NT available all in a neat zip file – or you can d/l individual mp3’s if you want.

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