"Bible Only" friend will not study Bible with me


My “Bible Only” friend will not study the Bible with me any more(by e-mail)because I am unreasonable and will not accept the biblical points he has made that show the Catholic Church is in error. We have e-mailed for about four years and met to talk only about ten times. After I gave him an outline about how biblical the real presance of Christ in the Eucharist is our relationship turned for the worst. The outline said the Protestant view has NO Bible proof. I asked him in person at a creation society meeting we attend(I begged him many times)to do a Bible study(at his home)on the subject. He told me I was crazy and to leave the building. Over the years I have given him outlines on other Catholic subjects and made good points that his church isn’t totaly biblical but he will not reply. We have only studied the things he wanted. What should I do now?


Let him go. Most Non-Catholic Christians who will not be reasonable or attempt to understand the Catholic Church, will ignore the Biblical position that support Catholic doctrine and dogmas. If they are unwilling to listen, it is a lost cause my friend. Let him go. The only charitable thing you can do is pray for him, and hope the light of truth will help him some understanding of Catholicism. The conversion part is left up to God, not us.


Let him go and pray to the Holy Spirit that the seeds you planted will one day take root and sprout.


What should you do now? Pray for him and shake the dust from your shoes for now.

One of 2 things has happened: either he has decided that he was unsuccessful in pulling you out of the Church, and you are a lost cause and wants no more study with you. Or the info you have provided to him has hit entirely too close to home and he is not yet prepared to abandon any of his current beliefs so he calls you crazy and wants no further study with you.

In either case, don’t try to force more Bible study with this “friend”, as he is clearly not ready to proceed.


If you don’t mind telling us, how did go about this bible study over four years? I mean was it similar to what goes on here, or did you have a different style.


Bail…you’ve sown seed, but when a dude tells me to leave because of my Catholic faith…that’s the last he sees of me.

This guy simply wanted a platform to use to oppose the faith, not good answers. That’s just the way some people are.

Just as Our Lord told us, when someone rejects, dust off and walk…


He would give me Bible passages that he said showed the Church is in error. I would do my best to answer often using info from apologetics catholic books and outlines. When I asked questions he did not reply.


Sounds to me like he was not really interested in bible study. He just wanted to get you out of the Catholic Church.


I want to add to what I said. When I said he didn’t reply I ment not to my direct question. He would ask a new question or bring up an old one and I would reply. To the old questions I would try a different way to answer with some new information. He did reply to questions about his church and the personal faith of him and his wife(his pastor and wife are former Catholics). When I asked the hard questions like is ‘Faith Alone’ and ‘Bible Alone’ in the Bible he didn’t reply. I asked to do a Bible study on the Eucharist after four years because his wife of one year was Catholic and I found a very Biblical outline.


I have a friend who is a strong fundamentalist baptist, and when discussing 1 Corinthians 13:10 and what “the perfect” means, she said that I listen to the my church instead of relying on the bible only.
I asked my friend why her interpretation was the correct one, and she replied because her pastor was one of the best Greek scholars in the country, and that her pastor had told her what the Greek really means in that passage.

I then asked why it was OK for her to rely on her pastor for the interpretation of scripture, and it wasn’t OK for me to rely on the church.

My friend got somewhat angry with me, rolled her eyes with a sigh, and then switched the subject.

(She said that “the perfect” actually should be translated to “the perfect thing” and that it was referring to the New Testament" in case anyone was interested)


You see those exact behaviors on threads here. In the first post or two, you will be able to see if they have a seeking heart, or are baiting you. Slowly, those who are attacking the Catholic Church sharpen their words and their questions become accusations.

Most bible Christians also have a Pope-it’s just that they refer to him as their pastor, whose word they follow, all the while rejecting the true Papacy. Some use the bible as a weapon, rather than as a revelation of God’s love for us. Actually, you may see that they have precious little faith, as they demand to see everything in print before they will believe-even then disputing the interpretation.

They have a dual purpose which they are not aware of: first they sharpen your knowledge of the faith and second, they have heard ancient truths for perhaps the first time.

I refer to non-Catholics as 50% Christians. They spend 50% of their time being anti-Catholic and 50% being Christian. We are Christian 100% of the time-a distinct advantage. Excellent advice from the other posters: We can argue until we’re blue in the face and that will serve only to dig their heels in. Pray for them, that the scales fall from their eyes.

Christ’s peace be with you.


I hear exactly what you are saying, being a former Baptist with Baptist friends who also do not want to hear anything other than what they were taught and feel comfortable with where they are, so I only speak to them with those issues they wish to speak, if they bring up theology, then great I’ll discuss Catholic vs Protestant theology with them, if not then I don’t bring it up.
That doesn’t mean that you can’t still be friends, however, since this “Bible only” friend doesn’t want to see your side then don’t try to make him/her listen. Now if your “Bible only” friend starts up a conversation about your beliefs then you are surely free to give him/her the Catholic side.


You have done what you can. Those who claim to be “Bible-believing” who cherrypick the Bible to suit whatever novel beliefs they possessed upon cracking it are deluding themselves at best, fundamentally dishonest at worst.

Don’t waste your time sowing barren ground.


And the good news is that her pastor has 2,600 other KJV translation errors to misinterpret as well. Does she know this? Does he? It’s clearly time to stop arguing with them and start praying for them.

Christ’s peace be with you.


He was raised Baptist but spent many years in Calvary Chaple befor returning to Baptist within a year of being married in his home town Baptist church. I tried many ways to be his friend asking about his interests. I found he is very involved in creation science so I attended many of the meetings with them. It is hard to be a friend with someone who thinks he and his church must be right because Catholic Church Tradition is full of error. He will not even play the game fairly because when I bring up an error in Batist/Bible Only views he doesn’t reply.


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