Bible Question

Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone knows of a high quality book that gives a traditional interpretation of every part of the Bible with cross-references to Church documents? The reason I want this is because occasionally I am asked about particularly confusing (or apparently contradictory) statements in the Bible and it can take quite a while to research the views of the Church.

A good example of this is the horns of Moses - after much investigation I discovered that the horns were actually an old Hebrew way of describing a person marked with holiness - not symbolic of the devil.

Price is no object but I do need to be able to buy the book online.

Many thanks!

The Navarre Bible cross-references quite often to Pope John Paul II and St. Maria Escriva as well as Church docs as I recall.

Another thing you can do is go to the back of the Catechism. There you will find every Scripture that is referenced in the Catechism along with the paragraph #. If you then go to that paragraph, often times you will see footnotes for which Church docs are also used in that paragraph. Kind of a reverse method of getting Church docs connected with particular Scripture passages.

I don’t know about a book, but the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy has done this online:

Biblia Clerus

Look up any Scripture passage and it will give you links to all the writings of the Church Fathers and documents of the popes and ecumenical councils that cite that particular passage.

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