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How do we know without a doubt that the Bible is truly Divinely Inspired?

My reasoning is that the sheer number of prophecies written then fulfilled means that God had some hand in this.

How else can we prove the Bible is really inspired by God?

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We know the Bible is divinely inspired, because the Church says it is.


Tradition. with a capital “T” (i.e. Sacred Tradition).




Well, from a non-Catholic perspective how do we know any book is true? How do we really know if a history book is true? When Columbus found America they did not have computers (not that I know the date) but I am sure history books give a date. Even today, the media only tells us what they want us to know. Who really knows the truth about the recession?

From my opinion as a Catholic, I choose to believe it is true because I feel a strong pull in my heart towards God and life is much better when I believe the bible is true. Unless of course it is a protestant bible that threw out some important things


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