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Well, my sister just sent me my Christmas present. I already knew it was going to be a Bible. When she first told me about it, I reminded her I was Catholic. She said it was. I know she also spent a fortune sending it.

The first time she tried sending it, I had moved, and it never got forwarded to me, so it got sent back. This is her second time seconding it, internationally.

It’s a very nice bilingual version of the Good News Translation with my name engraved on it. The only thing is that I’m not sure whether or not this is a Catholic Bible. Is it?

I think she’s trying to convert me to her faith. She also enclosed a couple of other books along with it, “Mountains of Spices” and “Hinds’ Feet on High Places” and a CD of her friend, preaching.

Are these books good for a Catholic to read?



If it has the books of Tobit, 1 Maccabees and 2 Maccabees, then the Bible is probably Catholic. There are some Catholic GNT Bibles out there.

I don’t know about the other books but the author Hannah Hurnard was not Catholic. That does not mean that they are bad books though.




I have little doubt your sister is trying to convert you, and not too subtly, either. No matter how much your sister spent you have no obligation to read any of the material she sent. You can thank her for her kind remembrance, but it’s obvious she thinks you need “saving” and is ignoring your wishes that she recognize and respect your faith. If it were me, I’d toss the whole lot and be done with it, but that’s me. :wink:



It does say “with Deuterocanonicals”.



Well, if it is a Catholic bilingual GNT, I’ll hang onto it. I don’t have an English Bible, and they are a little hard to come by here. This is bilingual, and those are harder to come by, still. I just didn’t want to do anything against the faith.

It’s a little ironic. I’ve read the Bible completely in Spanish, not once yet, in English…just parts. So, I’ve been wanting to read a Bible in English. That’s just something I’ve wanted to do.

I don’t believe I’ll listen to the preacher on the CD.

At one point in my journey, I sent my parents some non-Catholic materials. My mother handled it well, actually sent it back to me saying it wouldn’t be something they’d read.

So, I’ve been on different sides of this question before.



If she was going to send a Christian author, too bad she didn’t send some C.S. Lewis!



If the Bible has the DC’s as you said, it’s probably OK. If you can find the exact Bible she sent you online, can you post a link to it? Maybe this is it:

Holy Bible: Dios Habla Hoy and Good News Translation Bilingual Bible With Deuterocanonical Books With Index (Spanish Edition)

Hinds Feet is a good book, including for Catholics. Popular Catholic apologist Patrick Madrid has recently been recommending on this radio show lately.

The other stuff I wouldn’t bother with. Your mom was gracious about the stuff you sent her. Follow her lead.



That’s the one!

Okay, if it’s good enough for Patrick Madrid, it’s good enough for me!

Thanks for telling me that. I’ll feel better about reading it, then.



DO NOT “toss out” the Bible. Even a legitimate Protestant bible (few wxceptions such as Jehovah witnesses) may be missing some go our canon, but it is still the inspired word of God and should be treated with respect!:shrug:



Thanks for pointing this out. Sorry, I only meant the blatantly pro-Protestant material. I should have been clearer. :blush:

“Hinds Feet on High Places” is a spiritual work–a reflection on 2 Samuel 22 and as such is perfectly fine. :slight_smile: I’m not familiar with “Mountains of Spice” but I imagine its the same sort of spiritual reflection.



If you are strong in your faith, there is nothing wrong with owning a Protestant Bible or even several. I still have a couple of mine before conversion, including the red-letter KJV that my grandmother got for me when I was a boy, with my name embossed on it. It holds a special place in my heart.

Having several different Bibles can be beneficial as you can look at the different translations and compare them.



ClearWater, I’m glad you asked these questions. I often have similar questions but feel they are “too silly to ask.” They’re not silly questions ay all of course, since anything that could be a stumbling block should be questioned. The answers here have introduced me to an interesting way to evaluate what I’m thinking. So thanks again!



Hadn’t thought of it that way. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:



Ok. Will do.



You’re welcome! :slight_smile:


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